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that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." thanks for watching, everybody. ha live and in hd, this is "good morning washington." on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute straight ahead a heartbreaking case in fairfax county. but two-month old girl murdered. police say it is at the hands of the father. four-o'clock 30 is your time -- 4:30 is your time. >> great to have you with us. with their traffic and weather every 10 minutes, we start with meteorologist adam caskey. not a cold morning. a lot of locations above freezing right now. reagan national 40 degrees. 36 in winchester. 36 in gaithersburg. much warmer this morning.
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we will continue to see that general warming trend all the way through tomorrow. just a little bit of sunshine this morning. otherwise, mostly cloudy. our average high is 47. we will run above that. mostly cloudy tonight. temperatures above freezing. tomorrow the cold front will approach. with that, mostly gray skies again. a few areas of light rain, isolated or stray showers for the afternoon and evening hours. nothing too heavy. friday night, saturday morning precip does not look all that likely. they are moving overnight construction. they have done so on the beltway at university boulevard leaving the mormon temple heading to college park, all of the construction is gone and she can see from this camera. the wide angle shot is not bad. 81, route 11, beautiful trip on
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i-70. south into richmond is good. interstate 395 from the fredericksburg is moving at a very good pace with a light volume for now. more to come on the traffic side. newschopper 7 and a little while. we want to get first to a developing story in falls church. a father is sitting behind bars charged with killing his to give you a-month old daughter -- charged with killing his 2- month-old daughter. this is where francis reed grew up. his grandfather had very little to say. it was in this apartment 10 miles away where police responded, giving his daughter
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cpr. >> did not know it was our neighbor there was arrested for that. >> amber reed was rushed to the hospital alive but later died. tonight the father is behind bars, charged with felony murder. >> the investigation revealed injuries that suggested abuse. obviously, the details have to wait until court, but detectives became convinced that the father was responsible. >> i knew something was going on. >> the neighbor remembers when a little girl was brought home. >> i have seen her note and then. it seemed like they care for the kid. >> were told no weapons were used, but police gave no official cause of death. this is the 10th homicide in the county this year. frances reid has long criminal record. no one else has been charged in this case.
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investigators need your help to find a man who exposed himself to two boys in manassas. take a good look. this is a picture of the suspect. police say the man matching his description exposed himself to two boys on soldier rich. the incident happened december 5. the boys were able to get away. the man accused of firing at the white house is scheduled in court today. oscar or tagger hernandez is charged with trying to assassinate the president. he went under several psychological evaluations and has been deemed competent. >> the occupy washington protesters as welcoming the black church clergy to join the movement. they will launch the occupy the
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dream movement. ahead of the congressional panel that oversees d.c.'s affairs is taking aim at occupy d.c. they want to explain why they have been allowed to camp at mcpherson square for so long. 4:35 and a probe into money spent by the u.s. veterans agency and american airlines could clear it to use ipad. >> to explain all of this is linda bell at bloomberg headquarters. good morning. american airlines is going high-tech. the first major airline to get fda approval to use ipad. now, when you are trying to trim costs, every little bit helps.
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in the end it adds to a savings of $1 million per year. in rep joe donnelly, the top democrat of the house veterans' affairs committee, is looking into billions of dollars that may have been spent improperly. in a letter he said, it was spent on drugs and other medical products without contracts. it may not meet federal safety standards. if you feel like you are being watched when you are out shopping with security cameras they are doing more than looking for thieves. more on that coming up in the next hour. i'm linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. tunnel 40 degrees. not so bad this morning. still ahead, new details in a police involved shooting and takoma park. more on the search for two good samaritans. it is the first of the
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national transportation safety board is calling for a nationwide ban on the use of cell phone while driving. we will hear from both sides about the proposal. first, we have another check
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d.c. water crews spend most of the night repairing the
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broken water mains in northwest. the repairs were at 34, 35th and o and p streets. the clarendon metro station is up and running again after it was briefly shut down last night. officials close the station for an hour after floor tiles began to pop up. the problem was caused by the cold weather. it is the season for all of these weather-related problems. no scraping this morning. not as cold. temperatures for the most part above freezing. that will be the case again tomorrow morning similar temperatures. 41 in oxon hill. 40 in rockville. 33 in northwest d.c. a couple of mornings ago, we were down in the teens at the 4:00 hour. that is not the case. this rain action will not make
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it here today. it could clip some of you watching out in the mountains. we will keep an eye on this cold front as it continues to progress eastward as our high pressure system is out of town. that cold front will give us a chance of showers late tomorrow. 52 thank you very much. we wanted to start with interstate 95, talk about travel times. they are working for as between richmond and baltimore. take you live to the traffic center picture of traffic on 270 moving very nicely. we will go to the other side of the world. [laughter] just over to college park. the beltway moving nicely at route one and the wilson bridge. no problems anticipated along 66, the greenway, the toll road. back to cynee and pamela.
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4:41 is your time on this wednesday. 40 degrees. the latest in a child sex abuse scandal. why jerry sandusky had a quicker than expected day in court. we are learning more about the accused gunmen at virginia tech. what police are saying about the
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we turn to the scandal at penn state. the child sex abuse against jerry sandusky had citron. a former assistant football coach waved a preliminary -- he asked for a jury trial. he denies the allegations. >> we fully intend to put together the best possible defense we can do. the stay the course to fight for four quarters. >> had 11 witnesses to testify against jerry sandusky. we turn now to the sex abuse case involving former syracuse assistant basketball coach bernie fine. two ball boys have now sued the coach jim boeheim.
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>> i want to help children. i want to help children who have the courage to tell adults their family, their teachers, and the police that they are sexually abused. >> the district attorney says that he finds the accused as credible but he cannot proceed with charges because the statute of limitations has expired. finre has been -- fine has been fired. authorities say that the gun man legally bought the weapon used to shoot and kill a campus police officer. ross ashley bought the 40 caliber semiautomatic weapon from a licensed dealer and gender. investigators to not know why he shot and killed the police officer last thursday. police want to talk with two good samaritans who held with a
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crash that led to a police involved shooting in takoma park. a woman stopped to help drivers involved and the crash. one of the drivers and 19-year- old, tried to carjack the woman. the good samaritan it jumped in to help and held davis until police arrived. 4:47 now, and sentencing is said bang for a former nasa researcher accused of animal cruelty. he -- was arrested after being caught putting rat poison. a judge found her guilty. she could face up to 180 days in jail. 7 on your side with the latest on the push by federal officials to ban the use of cell phone while driving. the national transportation safety board says that all calling, texstiting and internet
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surfing is dangerous. the board compared it to drinking and driving. jay korff has more. >> our nation's near dependence on the ubiquitous cell phone has created a driving the level. >> of those who are distracted are 26 times more likely to be involved in a crash. >> the ntsb is recommending that every state ban drivers from taxiexting and talking on a cell phone para >> i think that is ridiculous. >> others agree. >> you don't text, don't talk on the phone. >> we have gotten to the point where we cannot live without our phones. people are not paying attention. >> he runs the traffic division. >> we need to do something to make a difference. >> he speaks from personal
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experience. in 2008, his son died in a car accident in which the driver was distracted. >> i am appreciative the ntsb came forth on this because it only confirms what we know. that distracted driving kills and changes lives forever >> this is just a recommendation. it is up to policymakers to make the next move. it could soon cost you more to catch a cab and the district. taxicab commission approved a plan to raise rates from $1.50 a mile to $2.16. the commission voted to eliminate most surcharges including one for more passengers. the public comment period would take place in february. parking rates in silver spring are going up on january 1. the long-term parking rates will
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increase by 10 cents an hour. a sidewalk the posted and public parking lots to alert drivers about the change. 4:49, 41 degrees. a lot better than yesterday morning. >> coming up next, prepare for big changes on abc's "this week." who will replace her. >>
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welcome back. let's take a look at traffic and the weather. >> adam caskey is standing by. >> we have warmer temperatures. 40 degrees in the district. we did cooled down in manassas, down to an even 30 degrees. 56636 in martinsburg. here is our future cast. a mostly cloudy day today and tomorrow. a cold front drops in tomorrow. a few areas of light rain. notice the green color at 5:00 p.m. to borrow. some spotty showers. will not be all that widespread, nothing heavy. tomorrow, for the most part, will be a fairly dry day. it is just for a few hours in
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the early evening hours that we could see those isolated showers. looking ahead, friday night into saturday, we talk about the potential for that to affect us. that will slide to our south. a 20% chance of seeing that. nothing to worry about. my snow excitement factor from one of 10 to .5%. mid 40's saturday and sunday with partly cloudy skies. a beautiful site, we are happy this morning because we do not have any problems on 66. route 7 looks good as well to get through leesburg out of sterling to tyson's. we love the right to gilbert scored. uneventful. -- love the ride. on 28, good. out of gainsville to join 66 traffic.
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a little bit of action of falls church. that is just the volume. across roosevelt bridge, pretty good. the george washington parkway. a good trip on the clara barton parkway. montgomery county at 270, a live look. thank you. well an end of an era for the marriott luxury hotel. bill marriott is now stepping down as the company's ceo. he turned his parents' business into an international conglomerate. the former chief operating officer will become the new ceo and marriott will become executive chairman. he plans to remain active in the company. on the hill a showdown is brewing over legislation to extend the payroll tax cut and long-term jobless benefits. the house passed the bill last night, but it contains a
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provision requiring a construction of a pipeline from canada to texas. the bill is expected to die in the senate. the white house believes that there will be cadile before tax breaks expire at the end of the year. a familiar face is leaving abc's "this week's." christianne amanpour leaving she will return to cnn where she will take on a new position for cnn international. christianne amanpour she has been the host for a year-and-a- half. she will be replaced by george stephanopoulis. we're not sure how this latest move is going to affect george's weekday schedule. that is a lot of balance. >> how would you juggle all the? wish him the best of luck. >> still ahead on "good morning washington", you could say donal d trump fired
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coming up, the very person expected to protect a child has been accused of taking that child's life. we have the very latest on the virginia father is charged with the murder of his two month old daughter. >> more on the ban proposed on cell phones

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